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Built for efficiency.

The Harvestline is an innovative cable logging system that allows efficient log extraction and quick line shifts in hard to access areas and tight landings where the logistics of moving in a large yarder or tower are challenging.


The system is designed using leading computer aided design software and assembled using high quality components to provide safe and superior performance.


Strawline Winch

Easy line setup with the use of up to 1000m Strawline cable.

Interlock Selectable

Can be operated with winch drums interlocked or independent allowing for various rigging configurations and providing unrivaled versatility.

Modular Design

Can be installed on any, >30T excavators.


Superior line speed.

Allow for rapid cycle times and efficient log extraction while intelligent control system limits the potential to overload critical components.


Easy Setup.

Lack of guy ropes makes the Harvestline system easy to transport and allows it to be deployed in hard to access areas and tight landings.


Excellent Productivity.

The system is optimized for use with the Hawkeye grapple carriage, providing superior performance over conventional extraction techniques when downhill logging.

Control system




Our user-friendly interface offers real-time data from multiple sensors installed on the winch set, displays everything you need to know about the system and wirelessly control the Hawkeye carriage.



Weight Excluding Ropes

7650 kg / 16,865 lbs

Main Rope Capacity

500 m / 1640 ft

Haulback Rope Capacity

1000 m / 3280 ft

Strawline Rope Capacity

1000 m / 3280 ft

Min Excavator

Power Requirement

220 kW (285HP)

Min Hydraulic

Flow Requirement

500 LPM @ 50 bar



11.5 m / 37 ft

Effective Yarding Distance

400 m / 1312 ft

Rope Spec

19mm - 6x31 IWRC

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